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'Could write a book on why the film didn't work'

Could write a book on why the film didnt work

Los Angeles: Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller has opened up about the movie's box office failure, saying following a string of below par sequels in the franchise proved fatal for the latest offering.

Despite receiving relatively positive reviews, Dark Fate managed to earn USD 29 million in its opening weekend.

However, Miller said he is "very proud" of the film.

"I'm sure we could write a book on why it didn't work. I'm still not sure and I'm processing, but I'm very proud of the movie," the director told The Hollywood Reporter.

On pointing out if franchise fatigue may have impacted the film's performance, Miller said he couldn't control the reviews and reactions the audience had for the previous sequels.

"The things they seemed to hate the most about the movie, were things I can't control. I can't control you didn't like Genysis or you felt betrayed by Terminator 4. I can't help that."

The director of the film also addressed series creator James Cameron's recent comments on Dark Fate that Miller was always involved in the editing process of the film, there were many disagreements during the process.

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