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‘Don’t need the white man to reassure us’

‘Don’t need the white man to reassure us’
Veteran film-maker Shekhar Kapoor and organiser Neville Tuli feel there’s a pressing need for Indian film makers to risk their finances and take chances with their creativity.

‘The problem with Indian directors is that they have misunderstood the audience,’ said Kapoor at the ongoing Osian film Festival.

He added the Indian audience was sophisticated and it is a miscalculation that they are not ready for a particular kind of cinema.

Kapoor spoke about the conscious need for people to stop looking at the West for approval. ‘Somewhere there is still a need to reassure ourselves through the white man. For example, the Oscars. Why do I need recognition of my work through an Oscar?’ he asked. We should have our own parameters, feels Kapoor.

He clarified that 98 per cent of the movies screened in the multiplexes are not watched by people from the lower or middle income groups but by the NRIs. Therefore, it is about reaching out to the people and developing a culture for all kinds of movies.

‘The most important thing is we need to create the atmosphere for creativity and make a market and this is where such a film festivals helps’, said Tuli.

‘The Dark Knight
and RA.One had little difference practically, one was the technological aspect and the other - marketing,’ said Kapoor, trying to establish that India too can look at global releases that work well on the creative and the revenues scale.

Kapoor also said that India has a vast culture and therefore, a huge diversity is possible when it comes to making films.

‘Diversity is not bad, is it? It is in the chaos of life that creativity has its maximum growth,’ said Kapoor.

Speaking on the censors in India, he said that censor board and regulations are always there and the infringement of censorship has been a part and process of film-making itself. It is all about to what extent a director is willing to take the cut.

By far, Shekhar Kapoor said Bandit Queen is the closest to his heart because it makes a difference. Instead of having to invite people to see the movie, people actually bought tickets.
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