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Doctors say cases in respiratory problems have risen 20-30%

The thick layer of smog is not only affecting the visibility but also increasing health problems. An increase in the number of patients was witnessed last week with respiratory problems in various age groups. According to CPCB, the air quality exceeded the ‘severe’ mark by 12 times, as its data showed PM 2.5 level reaching 785µg/m³.

Doctors practicing in various hospitals have claimed that there is around 20 to 30 times increase in the OPD in the last week, with patients complaining about congestion, sinusitis, asthma, difficulty in breathing. Breathing this polluted air leads to infection in kids by destroying their immune system. As PM2.5 is very fine, it can settle in the developing lungs of kids and worsen asthma and other respiratory problems. 60 per cent of patients are under the age of 5 years or above 50 years.

“The thick layer of smog and the increasing level of air pollution have led to wheezing, difficulty of breathing and choking. Inhaling this polluted air is very dangerous for all but especially for children whose lungs are still developing. It also destroys their immune system leading to infection, sneezing and wheezing. Avoid early morning walks as there is high amount of pollutant present in the air. Doing deep breathing exercise will only lead to intake of pollutants, so avoid it,” said a doctor.  

Health experts have said that besides a rise in fresh cases, there is an aggravation seen in the health of people with a history of asthma, allergy and other related ailments. People are advised not to go for early morning walks, deep breathing exercises as the intake of toxic air will only lead to wheezing, choking and further worsens the conditions. The second main complaint is the burning sensation in the eye, mostly in cases of motorcyclists. With the ill-effects on respiratory tract, hair and skin are also affected and becomes dry. Kids and elderly must avoid venturing out early morning and late evening, as smoggy condition is at its prime during this time. “Use multi-layer masks and cover your skin, wear 3M goggles for eye protection. We are getting as small as a 3-month-baby to elderly with predisposed to such ailments for treatment.” 

“This is the first winter with such toxic fog. Regular bikers who commute daily to various nooks, had hardly felt the eyes burning so badly. This air around the Delhi-NCR is completely become poisonous in November and they are not able to overcome the health complications even after following all safety measures,” said an expert. 
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