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Devoid of cash, traffic violators forced to opt for court challans

After the Modi-government scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8, people have become cashless as a result of which the court challans against traffic rule violators have comparatively doubled. And so have the common man’s troubles. 

Now, the violator has to go the concerned court to fill the challan which is a very time consuming and a tiring job. 

According to Delhi Traffic Police, since the currency ban, traffic rules violators have been telling cops that they either do not have enough cash or they have the banned notes with them. Hence, the traffic personnel have been asking them to opt for court challans instead of cash. In maximum cases, the violators are agreeing to the court challans. 

But as per the trouble faced by them who have been issued court challans, they have to wait for the court’s summons. Then on that particular day when the court summons, s/he has to visit that concerned court to pay the challan decided by the court. In many cases, the violator takes the help of a lawyer to avert any further judiciary hassle. 

And to take the help from the lawyer, s/he has to pay a certain fee, which is again a burden on the violator.

As per the data maintained with Delhi Traffic Police, since October 31 to November 6, total 81,040 challans have been issued. Out of 81,040 challans, 3,422 were court challans while the remaining were cash ones. However, after scrapping of the currency, since November 7 to November 13, 94,490 challans have been issued. Out of this, 6,134 were court challans while 88,354 were cash challans.

On Monday, a total of 10,922 challans were issued out of which 456 were court challans. On Tuesday, 498 court challans were issued out of a total of 16,688. 

Speaking to Millennium Post, several traffic cops agreed that the violators themselves are opting for court challans. “Around 85 per cent to 90 per cent of the challans are of Rs 100 and after the currency ban, people are short of Rs 100 or are storing them up for emergencies,” said a senior police official.

“I was over speeding at Tilak Marg and a traffic cop caught me. I was rushing to the bank so I was over speeding. But I didn’t have enough cash to pay the challan so after the Assistant Sub Inspector informed me about the court challans, I opted for it. I know, it’s going to be more difficult for me but I am saved atleast for today (Wednesday),” said Rakesh, who was challaned at Tilak Marg. 
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