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Woman dies in hospital, son alleges medical negligence

Gurugram: Incidents of loss of human life due to alleged medical negligence does not seem to cease from the private hospitals of Gurugram. In the latest case of medical horror that has emerged Rajendra Singh has registered a formal complaint against Columbia Asia at Palam Vihar police station. He has levelled allegation that the gross negligence from the hospital staff resulted in the death of her mother Savitri Singh, aged 67 years.
The ordeal for the family started in the beginning of the year when the patient was admitted to the private hospital for removal of stones from the kidneys. On January 8, however, the Singh family was provided a shock when they were informed that the surgery had resulted in adversely affecting patients' kidney and that she had to be put on ventilator. Subsequently she was put on the ventilator for more than two weeks. The Singh family faced the strenuous time as even after paying Rs 17 lakh fees to hospital, the patient was not saved. Savitri breathed her last on January 26.
The son of the deceased has now alleged that his mother died because of the medical negligence of the hospital staff that was then hidden by putting the 67-year-old on ventilator. On their part, the hospital management has stated that their doctors did the best to save the patient's life. The incident has again raised probing questions of the credibility, integrity and ethics of the private hospitals.
The expression of anger against the private healthcare system in the city is not a recent phenomenon. However, deaths and exploitation of minor patients in quick succession in some of the private hospitals have resulted in a group of citizens to demand action against erring hospitals. The government on their part has claimed that lack of law in the state has tied the hand of authorities towards taking strict action against erring hospitals. After action on Fortis hospital in Gurugram, people who have been victims to the malpractices of other private hospitals in Gurugram now want action against the management of other hospitals. Not only Fortis but there has been other private hospitals in the city where recently shocking incidents of negligence and apathy took place.
On November 22, 12-year-old Prateek who was admitted in Park hospital died under mysterious circumstances. The family of the deceased alleges that he died due to negligence. Presently the Chief medical officer is investigating the matter.
Complaints against Paras hospital for a botched up surgery that resulted in a 24-year-old being shifted on ventilator; a complaint was lodged at Chief Minister Window. Another horrific incident was reported at Shiva hospital where two staff members had molested a minor patient who was admitted in the ICU of the hospital. Even as two culprits were arrested, the family is holding a protest to demand the closure of the hospital.
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