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'We will generate electricity from garbage'

 Yogesh Kant |  2017-04-21 19:05:40.0  |  New Delhi

We will generate electricity from garbage

Riding high on Modi wave, the ruling saffron party members hope to sweep the MCD elections again. After being in power for two consecutive terms, the BJP government is confident of its win in the upcoming polls. Making bold promises of not only treating the garbage problem in the Captial, the party has also set plants to generate electricity from the waste.

In an exclusive interview with Yogesh Kant of Millennium Post, Delhi BJP Chief, Manoj Tiwari vows to give us a clean and green capital. He speaks candidly about the strikes held by sanitation workers and hosts other problem.

What are the main issues in the upcoming civic polls?

There are many issues to discuss and work on but we want to develop an honest and sincere working culture in MCD. Contrary to our wish, the state government does not work. Also, it prevents the civic agency to work efficiently. However, an enormous victory in civil polls will only pave the way for clean and green Delhi.
Are you satisfied with the work produced by the councillors in last five years?

Yes, we are very much satisfied with the performance of councillors and feel proud to share the work produced by them in the past five years. Previously, the Municipal Corporation had set up a medical college. They have saved a whooping sum of Rs 153 crores by using an LED-light emitting diode. Interestingly, East Delhi Municipal Corporation has been running under financial crunch but following the development policy of BJP, it has renovated 212 schools. Also, initiated 55 new schools in Delhi. These figures motivate and make a satisfactory note over the achievements of councillors.
Is Delhi BJP under pressure after the recent performance in UP?

I don't think so. But, voters of Delhi have made their mind to come out from the illusion. I feel voters want the change. I feel that people of Delhi had made the big mistake of voting for grossly incompetent parties for several years and now they want to rectify it. This civic poll is like a mood of people before the next assembly election in the national capital. However, under the guidance of our visionary Prime Minister N Modi and Amit Shah, we are certain that we will bag a magnanimous win in these civic polls.
Why did the BJP decide to give a ticket to new faces?

'Nai Sooch, Nai Ummed' (New thought, new hope) is the slogan we follow and felt the need to change the face with new energy and young personality. And so, we nominated a vibrant candidate to serve Delhi.

In the past one year, the sanitation workers have launched five strikes. The capital faces severe garbage crisis. How do you plan to control this phenomenon?

The sanitation workers are poor and they have faced problems in getting their payments for the past few years. We do want to sort out the issues but it's again a fund related problem. As per records, all the three civic agencies sought around Rs 9000-crore budget to run their functions properly but received only Rs 2, 800 crore. This amount won't be sufficient to run the machinery of EDMC alone, and the Delhi government has sanctioned it for all three civic agencies.Every employee seeks his remuneration on time and once its flow is stopped or it fluctuates, what will they do? The government must be thankful that they are dumping the garbage on road and not rubbing it on their faces.Moreover, I can assure you that if politicians like Kejriwal and Congressmen stop their payment, the sanitation workers will start throwing garbage on their face. We have already installed a plant to develop electricity from waste-to- garbage. Now, people do not have to come out to dispose garbage, but the civic agency workers will collect it from their doorsteps. After this, they will send it to the plant for generating electricity.
What is the road map to curb corruption in Municipal Corporation of Delhi?

We have a strategic plan to curb corruption in MCD, the entire working process in civic bodies will be digitised and tenders floated. Also, major steps will be seen online.

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