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Vijender Gupta slams Delhi govt for not fulfilling promises

New Delhi: The Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly, Vijender Gupta, on Sunday issued a statement claiming that his inspections of foot-over-bridges that were supposed to be completed years ago have shown that the Delhi government's incompetence in fulfilling their promises.

With poll dates drawing closer, Gupta went on a full offensive, accusing the AAP-led government in the Capital of being "useless" and blaming other forces for their flaws.

The senior BJP leader claimed to have inspected foot-over-bridges that were supposed to be constructed by the Kejriwal government at Mukarba Chowk, Nirankari Samagam, Jahangirpuri, and Jagatpur.

In a statement, Gupta said that the only reason for construction on these bridges to be stalled was callousness displayed by the Delhi government regarding this matter.

Gupta further went on to say that the construction of unfinished bridges does not require full-statehood, hence Kejriwal "has no excuse to blame the Central government or BJP for not allowing him to work."

In addition, Gupta claimed that the AAP government's apparent inaction has led the people of Delhi to realise that BJP must come to power in the upcoming election. "The people have now made up their minds that they will teach them (AAP) a lesson in the coming Lok Sabha elections," he said.

In a tweet tagging the Chief Minister, Gupta also asked him to answer for the delay in constructing these bridges.

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