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Victims lay trap, get online thug arrested

Victims lay trap, get online thug arrested

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police has arrested a man named Sunny Sharma alias Azad Malhotra who used to dupe several people by purchasing their mobile phones on e- retailing website and instead of making payment in cash he paid via NEFT online. To gain the confidence of the seller, he generates a message regarding initiation of NEFT payment which gets delivered on the mobile of seller and after seeing the message seller (complainant) gained confidence and delivered the mobile phone along with mobile bill.

However, later on the amount never got credited to the account of seller (complainant) and eventually seller realised that they have been cheated. In this manner alleged Azad Malhotra has cheated 10-12 persons.

Some mobiles were even as costly as Rs 62,000. To catch the accused, the complainants were advised that they along with other aggrieved persons should set a trap to arrest the accused. As per the plan complainant again made request on e- retailing regarding sale of his mobile i phone 10 and after seeing his message, accused approached him and fixed deal. To finalise the deal, accused called the complainant at Starbucks, A block Connaught Place on January 16 where police team was already present as per the plan.

The inquiry was conducted with the accused Azad Malhotra and it came to notice that original name of accused is Sunny Sharma. It came to notice that accused has cheated people in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurugram and Mumbai. Other cheated persons have also joined the investigation.

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