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Through broken walls and ladders, locals carry out rescue operation

New Delhi: The residents of Joga Bai street number 7, broke down the walls, used ladders, held mattresses to rescue the people who were trapped inside the four-storey building on Tuesday. The eyewitnesses said that it was a horrific sceneas as several persons jumped off the building to save their lives.

"A woman tied the child from behind with cloth and jumped from the second floor," said Asif, a resident of Zakir Nagar. Residents told Millennium Post that they held up mattresses on the street so that the victims fall onto that after they jump from the four-storey building. The family stranded on the first floor was safely evacuated with the help of the ladder. "I heard people shouting outside then I opened the door and saw fire engulfed the wire of electric pole. I switched off the MCB. With the help of the ladder, we were rescued," said Junaid, who lives on the first floor of the building.

Close to the spot, Nishad and Zeshan Khan (brothers) live with their family. From the terrace of their house, two brothers, using the hammer, broke the wall of the building where the fire erupted. "We rescued trapped persons from the broken walls. Also, we threw water to douse the fire," said Nishad. Nazim Saifi, a resident of the area, also rescued several persons. He also received injuries during rescue work. "When I was carrying the injured persons they were not saying anything," said Saifi, adding that bones were visible from one of the victim's body.

Residents also alleged that among the people who jumped from the building included a pregnant woman. Though it was not officially confirmed. Shabab Saifi, another resident said, "Even after informing the concerned power discom of the area, the light was not cut for an hour. It caused the major problem as the electric current was still flowing in the building.

In the building, people from different states like Kashmir, West Bengal were residing, said the residents.

The family of one deceased's child was present at hospital in South East Delhi. "Mockdrill is important in this type of area. It will create awareness among the people before building any house," said Meraj Akhtar. His brother's daughter died.

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