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Sikh family saves Muslim woman as communal tension escalates

Sikh family saves Muslim woman   as communal tension escalates

New Delhi: Many families in the North-East part of the national Capital had to leave their homes in the face of communal violence that has engulfed the city since Sunday night. Most of the families were Muslims, who had to overnight lock their homes and rush towards their relatives' house in some other vicinity. Nagma, (name changed) was in her house when she heard the mob entering the houses of Muslim people and vandalising them. "I have four daughters and they used vulgar slurs for them," she said while trying to compose herself. She said that the situation was so tensed that she had to leave her house overnight. "We were eating food, but left everything and ran barefoot," she said. However, amidst the whole chaos, her neighbour who belongs to the Sikh community, immediately took her in. "He was so helpful, I can never thank him enough for doing what he did," she said sobbing.

Nagma lives in the main area of Gokul Puri, where the tire market stands. With the help of the Sikh family, Nagma along with her husband and four daughters ran towards her brother's house, who lived in the Kardampuri area. "Mrs Singh hugged me when I entered her house, she apologised and fed my family. I will never forget what they have done for us," she said.

In another incident, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Councillor rescued a Muslim family and their house from a violent mob. A local BJP ward councilor from Yamuna Vihar came to the aid of a Muslim family and saved their house from being set ablaze by a mob of around 150 people.

He said the mob suddenly started marching towards their neighbourhood, chanting slogans of 'Jai Shri Ram'. The mob entered from a road which was left unbarricaded by cops; the other side of the road, which leads to a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood, was barricaded to prevent protesters from entering. "The mob pulled out our car and a motorbike from our garage and set fire to it. They also damaged my tenant's boutique, causing damage of at least Rs 20 lakh," he said. This is when the local BJP ward councilor, who is also a long-time friend of the family came to the rescue and prevented the mob from causing further damage to them or their property.

The family barely, which included a two-month-old infant, barely managed to escape the scene. "I escaped with my family as soon as we sensed trouble. It was the BJP ward councilor from the area who stopped the mob from setting our house on fire," said the family. Situation is still tensed in the national Capital as communal violence escalated on Tuesday.

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