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Only way to stay safe from COVID-19 is stay home, says recovered patient

Only way to stay safe from COVID-19 is stay home, says recovered patient

New Delhi: Mayank (name changed on request) tested positive for Coronavirus on March 20. He had been in quarantine ever since and was discharged after his last reports were negative. He shares his experience to Nikita Jain of Millennium Post about the virus and how it affected him.


Q. Did you see the symptoms early on?

A. The symptoms were exactly like the ones I had been reading about, fever for seven to eight days, chest pains and everything else. I got myself checked on the fifth day of these symptoms. The doctors told me that you have the symptoms, but if you will stay at home, it will be better. I was at home for a few days after that kept taking paracetamol tablets as I was asked. I was in isolation in the meantime. However, it was in the third test that I was found positive, but it was very mild so the doctors told me to stay at home and keep myself in isolation. But when the lockdown started initially from March 22, the Delhi government took out a notification that no matter the symptoms are mild or severe you have to go in quarantine. It was after that I was sent to a quarantine facility. But the thing is people might think that it won't catch you but then it can happen to anyone.

Q. The symptoms are pretty normal and one won't even realise they have Coronavirus...

A. Actually the symptoms are pretty normal. You realise there is some complication when the symptoms refuse to go away. Even viral fever stays on for six to seven days. But even after five to six days when you still have fever, which doesn't go below 100 degrees, you realise that something is happening. In this situation, you have a sore throat and one thing to notice is that you don't have a running nose in this condition. I had been reading about the symptoms and this is how I was aware of these symptoms. The most difficult part for me was the chest pain. They were unbearable and it's not that it stays throughout, it comes in phases. I still dread thinking about them.

Q. When were you discharged?

A. I have been in the quarantine facility since March 22 and was discharged on April 1.

Q. How did you catch the disease?

A. There were positive cases near the vicinity of my area. My house maid got the virus from a man who lived near my area. She worked in his house, so I am assuming that's how I got it from here.

Q. What about your family?

A. My family was thankfully out of town for a few days. So, when I got the symptoms they were not here. When they heard I might be positive they extended their trip. However, even they have been taking tests since they came but the reports have been negative.

Q. What would you suggest people in such a situation?

A. Lockdown is a gutsy decision and we are witnessing economic difficulties but if you are at home only then can something happen. There is no solution but to stay at home. It is good for you and your family. Cases from places where everyone was safe have emerged due to the stupidity of some people. My only suggestion is for people to spend time with their family as in our normal daily lives we are not able to do that. So, instead of taking it as isolation, do things that you won't be able to do otherwise.

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