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Modi again: Woman's bike journey from Chennai to Delhi seeks support

Modi again: Womans bike journey from Chennai to Delhi seeks support

New Delhi: With the objective of getting support for making Narendra Modi again the Prime Minister of India, Rajlaxmi Manda reached Delhi after completing her bike journey from Chennai. Welcoming Rajlaxmi, BJP Delhi Pradesh president Manoj Tiwari said that Rajlaxmi's Bullet journey shows the enthusiasm for our popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi amongst the youth, women and the people of the country.

He said that this enthusiasm which they are witnessing is the greatest practical survey of the country. "The sample survey taken by Rajlaxmi through her journey is the most reliable sample in which during this 1,500 kms journey 4 lakh people have signed for supporting Narender Modi as the Prime Minister again," said Manoj Tiwari.

After completing her 1,500 km journey from Chennai to Delhi, Rajlaxmi said that during her journey she got the cooperation of the people and met lakhs of people who really wanted to make Modi again the Prime Minister. "They were confident that the country needs the leadership of Narendra Modi. The reason is that under his leadership the Central Government's schemes are benefitting the people and the women

feel safe," she said.

Rajlaxmi Manda is a resident of Chennai, Tamilnadu and she initiated her campaign to appeal to the people of the country to make Narendra Modi again the Prime Minister. During her journey, she passed through 172 Districts and 10 States in 62 days completing 1500 kms. Her team included 25 people also. Rajlaxmi has a record in Guinness Book of World Record for dragging a loaded truck by tying it with her belt around her waist and now she has pledged to make Modi again the Prime Minister.

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