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Mianwali Nagar murder: Main accused held near Gokarna cross

Mianwali Nagar murder: Main accused held near Gokarna cross
In a major development to the Mianwali Nagar triple murder case in which three persons including a gangster, his personal security officer, and another gangster were gunned down, the police have arrested the main accused who had orchestrated the triple murder on Wednesday.
The accused identified as Rajesh was arrested from Gokarna cross, near the Goa-Karnataka border after tracking his movements using manual surveillance.
"After we arrested two accused in the month of May and June, the Special Cell had been working on identifying the gang members associated with the killings.
"The accused were later tracked at the Goa-Karnataka border as he had gone to meet some of his family members. They carefully avoided Goa as they knew that the police presence is comparatively high," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (special cell) Pramod Singh Kushwah.
Rajesh who had carried a one lakh reward upon his capture has a long standing association with many well-known faces in the gang wars which have plagued south-west and outer Delhi, police claimed.
The accused was wanted in a range of cases apart from the triple murder including the attempt to murder on his rival gangster- Ramesh Lohar and the murder of student leader from Maharishi Dayanand University, Devender Coach, in Rohtak for which he was serving a life sentence.
The accused had recently jumped parole from Rohtak. Rajesh told the police that he had been roped into kill Monu Dariyapur by Satyawan alias Sonu Dariyapur.
Sonu had a long standing rivalry with Monu as the latter had married his sister against his wishes.
In a bid to avenge his humiliation, he killed Monu's elder brother and also tried to kill the newly wed couple, who managed to escape the attack unscathed.
Even though Sonu may have organised a nine man shooter team to eliminate Monu to avenge his humiliation, Rajesh had agreed to take up the operation as he wanted to eliminate his rivals gangsters to create his own hold in the area, police claimed.
"Rajesh wanted to eliminate one of his rivals- Ramesh Lohar, who was associated with his rival gangs. Sonu also knew about this and had associated himself with Lohar as they had common enemies. Sonu knew that by mere association, Lohar and Monu were on the same team," said a police officer privy to the investigation.
Sonu had bought flats for the shooters in Uttam Nagar and Nihal Vihar area before the shootout.
Police had been tracking Monu for the past few days before his murder and after a proper recee fired at him and the police party.

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