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Man murders neighbour's son, makes ransom call days later, held

New Delhi: A businessman's son, who was 8-year-old, was kidnapped and murdered by a 19-year-old man in Rohini's Aman Vihar area. Police said that after murder, the accused demanded a ransom of Rs 25 lakh from the deceased's family. Police identified the accused as Gautam (19). He was staying in the neighbourhood of the deceased and was well known to his family. The probe revealed that the killer wanted to secure his future with the ransom money. "The accused told us that he wanted to pursue further studies for which he committed the act. His testimony is being probed," an investigator said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (crime) Joy Tirkey said that on July 23 at around 9 pm the child was kidnapped and on the same day Gautam pushed the child into a Pratap Vihar drain. "The boy was roaming on the street outside his house. Gautam took him on the pretext of going to market. The child was friendly to him, he didn't oppose and went with the accused," said DCP Tirkey, adding that the child used to call him Bhaiya (elder brother). After committing the crime, he returned back to his house and started helping the deceased's family to look for the child.

DCP crime, further elaborating said, "Two days after the murder, the body was recovered from the drain. The boy's father identified the body. Later he (father) received a phone call on his mobile from someone claiming that the body recovered was not of his son. The caller demanded a ransom of Rs 25 lakh for releasing his son. Later in other calls, the kidnapper, after keeping a handkerchief over his mobile phone tried to talk like the kid so that the family members can be taken into confidence about their kid still being alive," the investigator said, adding that the father agreed to pay Rs 25 lakh twice, but no one turned up to collect the ransom. The family members then informed police about the incident.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rajiv Ranjan said during the investigation the activities of Gautam were kept under observation. Later he was apprehended from his home and was interrogated extensively. "Gautam kept on changing his versions and telling a different story every time. But finally, he broke down and confessed to the crime," said Additional CP. Investigators said that after kidnapping, the accused had no place to hide the child and also the minor was known to him. He panicked and pushed the child in drain.

"For two days the accused was searching for a SIM and later made the ransom call," police said. They further added that he had also committed theft of gold jewellery last year but the family didn't report the crime. Gautam had been visiting the house of the complainant and familiarised himself with the deceased and even dropped the deceased to school on few occasions. "He was under the impression that the complainant (deceased's father) is a rich shoe businessman. One of the accused's friends found a SIM card lying on road, which he gave to Gautam. The accused thought that through this SIM he would demand ransom and no one will catch him," police said.

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