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Hoax call brings back memories of 2011 HC blast

New Delhi: Memories of the dreaded High Court blast is still fresh in the memories of those who survived and have seen the blast on September 7, 2011 in which over a dozen people were killed and around 79 injured. This is one reason why even a hoax call is being taken seriously, both by the security agencies and the lawyers and the supporting staff.
When unusual police and bomb squad presence was seen at the gate number 4 and 5 of Delhi High Court, the lawyers soon knew something was 'serious'.
Lawyers were seen inquiring about reason for sudden security check from the police officers.
"I just passed the gate number 5 and within minutes a blast went off. It was a black morning in September 2011 that I could never forget. Mostly the clients who were getting the entry passes made were affected. Bodies were scattered all over," recalls Hilal Haider, Advocate at Delhi High Court.
Security was tightened after the incident and now vehicles and even lawyers have to undergo rigorous security checks before getting an entry into the High Court premises.
When the call was made about a possible bomb inside the court on Thursday, the security followed the standard operating procedure and scanned the court premises thoroughly, leaving nothing to chance.
"We made sure no bag in the premises is left unattended. We carried out intensive check both inside and outside the premises of the court compound. However, nothing suspicious was found," said a senior officer.
The cops have registered an FIR and are trailing the accused who made the call from Nand Nagri in north east Delhi.
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