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Flu cases rise in capital

Flu cases rise in capital

New Delhi: A fresh health crisis is ready to grip citizen of Delhi after erratic weather with dry winter chill has given rise to spurt of swine flu/influenza cases in the capital, many prominent city hospitals are reporting large number of cases of flu in the beginning of January. Recently, two people suspected to be suffering from swine flu died at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital last week, the hospital administration has said.

The centre-run hospital has received 24 suspected cases of H1N1 virus in January so far. A 50-year-old man was admitted in the hospital on January 6 and died the next day. Another 25-year-old man was admitted on January 11 and died on January 15, the hospital said.

The rise in the number of flu cases usually happens in north India in January and around February-March in peninsular India. "The cases are usually on the higher during winters with drop in mercury, so it is not unusual to have more cases in January," said an official from the National Centre for Disease Control.

However, official further informed that around 1694 swine flu cases reported across the country in which 49 sccumbed to diseases since the beging of the January, however, Delhi has reported around 168 cases in just 13 days of January. "Past one month, we have had cases that have tested positive for the influenza virus, however, due to seasonal change at this time makes the diagnosis difficult as both seasonal flu and swine flu cases are on the rise. The symptoms are common as well, with the patient suffering from cough, fever, sore throat, headache and body aches, fatigue and chills," Dr Prashant Shetty, iGenetic Diagnostics, said.

He added that the disease if not detected in time can lead to pneumonia and other breathing problems.

Hence, early diagnosis is important and only a pathological lab test, such as, Rapid flu, physical exam and most sophisticated methods include immunofluorescence staining and antigen subtyping based on hemagglutination inhibition (HI).. Confirm whether a person showing influenza symptoms is actually a case of swine flu.

"Do not travel in city or places where such cluster cases are reported. Getting yourself a vaccination with quadrivalent flu vaccine shot before the weather becomes extreme is important and recommended for healthcare/ high risk cases," Dr (Col) Vijay Dutta, Senior Consultant-Internal Medicine, Indian Spinal Injuries

Centre, said.

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