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DTC buses skipping stops at nights?

DTC buses skipping stops at nights?

New Delhi: A 70-year-old senior citizen tried hard to run and catch the DTC bus at ITO bus stand. However, his pace couldn't match with the wheels and the bus left the bus stand without pausing or stopping despite cries from the senior citizen. The motive was to clear the Traffic signal meters away from the bus stand before the signal turns red. "I am 70-year-old, I ran to catch the bus and shouted to get the bus which was speeding. The bus driver sped away leaving me behind. How can he do this? Was not the bus supposed to stop? Where should we stand if not the bus stand during the night ? I am old and cant run, this is bizarre," said the old man after missing the DTC bus at ITO on Saturday night.

Passengers have complained about this menace, they feel that situation go worse during the night when most of the roads are clear and the drivers are in a hurry. "They want to complete the journey in hurry, skipping bus stops. There are several times when they do this and we feel left out. Most of the time this happens at night. If we could afford autos, why would we wait on the bus stops? Autos will shell off nearly Rs 200 for a journey that could be done in just Rs 15, missing one bus means wasting atleast 15 to 20 minutes sometimes more depending on the frequency," said another commuter.

Commuters also say that sometimes they have to run to catch the bus risking injury. If they don't they would simply miss the bus. "I have run after the bus number of times despite standing on the bus stop. The drivers stop just for the time to set foot on the bus and speed up after that. They pause actually, leaving it for you to pace up to match the slowing speed of the bus and try getting in while its still moving;" said Keshav, a man who travels often from ISBT to Badarpur.

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