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DJB to submit monthly water report to Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: Delhi Jal Board will submit a monthly report of the water supply to the water ministry as directed by the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. By studying this report, the government will monitor monthly wastage of water in the city which in future will be dealt with.
After taking the charge of the water department, the CM directed the officials to submit the monthly report of the DJB to the government on various issues, a source informed. According to him the prime focus of the government is to ensure proper water supply in the small colonies of Delhi. CM Kejriwal directed that the report should include names of the areas, amount of supply. Officials explained that through these reports the board will be able to calculate the amount of water wasted. Sources in the government informed that the CM found out that there is a lot of mismatch in the amount of water supply and the amount finally received. The government predicted that there were problems in the supply of water through the underground pipes which are not reported properly. According to sources, all there are many water supply pipes in the city which were damaged but no proper actions were not been taken.
Earlier, CM Kejriwal held a meeting with senior DJB officials, the outcome of which points to the areas of concern. One of them is the inequality in water distribution and disruption of services in some areas. The CM has directed DJB officials to submit a status report on water supply across Delhi and another on water supply in each colony, its duration and problems faced, including water contamination. Officials have further been told to identify deadlines to solve each problem. He asked DJB for details of how much water is being generated and how much of it is actually reaching consumers.
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