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Delhi govt cracks down on bogus dealers registered under GST

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government has launched a crackdown on bogus dealers registered under the GST and involved in issuing fake invoices, according to an official statement issued Wednesday. The move came after Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia directed the trade and taxes department to take the strictest possible action against bogus dealers.

In the statement, the department identified around 56,000 suspicious dealers on various risk parameters. The department, through Goods and Services Tax (GST) inspectors, has conducted field verifications and inspections of 16,141 suspicious dealers so far. "Out of it, 4,618 dealers have been found non-existing and bogus during inspections. These dealers are non-existing/bogus dealers who got registration in GST to defraud the government exchequer by issue and use of fake invoices," the statement stated.

After their identification, Departmental Officers i.e. Assistant Commissioners and GST Officers have started taken stern action against these dealers in accordance with the provisions of GST Act & Rules. Registration of 1,282 dealers have been cancelled so far on this account and show cause notices for cancellation have been issued to 3,221 dealers, of which proceedings are still underway, it stated.

The department has directed its tax officers to recover the entire amount of tax, interest and penalty from such dealers as well as to take other legal and criminal actions against such dealers, the statement stated.

The Department has directed its Tax Officers to recover the entire amount of tax, interest & penalty from such dealers as well as to take other legal/criminal actions against such dealers. "The Delhi Government has decided to speed up the process of cracking down on all such bogus/non-existing dealers to eliminate issue and use of fake invoices from Delhi which is defrauding government revenue as well as spoiling healthy trade practices in Delhi," Trade and Taxes officers said.

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