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DDA partners NIUA to prepare 2041 Master Plan

DDA partners NIUA to prepare 2041 Master Plan
The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) for the preparation of Master Plan for Delhi, 2041.
The authority in its scheduled board meeting on Thursday discussed the strategies of planning and growth of Delhi till 2041.
The project will be done in four phases. It will help DDA in building a base line understanding of Delhi at the local and regional level.
This project will use quantitative informations gathered from historical data from DDA and other city agencies.
This will also include primary data collection. The authority noted that every quantitative data will be complemented by a qualitative understanding of the issues through consultation with government agencies, para, academia, sector experts and civil society organisations.
"This would provide a framework for various sectoral planning principles, recommended interventions and intended impact within the sector," the DDA has noted in the meeting.
Adding to this. it explained that both traditional and emerging sectors will be included.
Traditional sectors are housing, transportation, economy, etc., and emerging sectors include culture, heritage, digital empowerment, etc.
The DDA has informed that the enabling phase of the project will look at the roll-out strategy for neighbourhood redevelopment through development control regulations, land use, land pooling land titling, local area planning and governance.
Following the strategy outline the implementation phase would detail out the capital investment plan along with the monitoring, learning and evaluation plan with target outcomes for every five year details.
In this project, NIUA will engage national and international experts.
The authority has also discussed the plan of relocation of Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. This market was relocated to streamline the traffic movement and facilitate pedestrian movement at Rani Jhani Road. It will also help in widenning of Kishan Ganj Under Bridge.
In the said meeting, the officials explained the plans of optimum utilization of vacant DDA lands allotted to various government agencies.
The officials said that an amendment will be done in this regard. It will ensure that the state guest houses should be utilized for staff quarters.

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