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Cyber cops ask banks to be 'mindful' of large transactions

The officials of cyber crime branch of Gurugram Police are planning to have a discussion with various banks in the city and to ask its management to be more wary in dispensing large amounts of cash.
The step by the police personnel comes in the wake of increasing number of cases of robbers stealing huge amounts of money from the victims' bank account after getting their bank details.
In one of the recent cases, a woman who is a resident of South City in Gurugram, registered an FIR on Thursday in which she has complained that a huge sum of Rs 35 lakh was withdrawn from her private bank account.
The complainant has further alleged that in dispensing such a large amount of money, she did not receive any information from the bank.
On the same day, a person from Gopalganj district in Bihar also filed a formal complain stating that a sum of more than Rs one lakh was stolen from his bank account.
Fraudulent bank transactions and robbery through credit and ATM cards tops the list of cyber crimes being committed in the city.
In a month, there are over five cases registered under this category.
Most of the criminals on the pretext of sale calls or service calls are successful in getting vital financial information which is then exploited.
According to the police, various fake call centres and gangs are involved in this criminal act.
In this year, the cyber crime branch busted a fake call centre that was operating in Delhi and was getting the bank details of the people.
Robberies done through cloning of credit and debit cards are another major challenge that is being faced by the cyber crime branch.
Four multiplex employees in the city were recently arrested for cloning over 50 credit and debit cards in the National Capital Region. In their last robbery, the four had stolen Rs 85,000 from the account of a Gurugram resident.
In the past, the teams of Gurugram Police have got in touch with the employees with banks, restaurants, petrol pumps and call centres to prevent leak of vital customer information that can be exploited by the criminals.
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