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Delhi BJP chief says ban on sale of liquor is ‘conservative’

Delhi BJP chief says ban on  sale of liquor is ‘conservative’
He further said banning it will give rise to many illegal activities. “I am not against selling of liquor or wine. Those who want to consume it will get it any how. If it is banned, it will give rise to corruption and other illegal activities. This is my opinion”, added.Upadhyay when asked about ban on sale of liquor in Kerala and Gujarat. It is important to mention that BJP’s parent organisation RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) often talks about banning liquor. The sale of liquor is already banned in Kerela and Gujarat.

Meanwhile, the party will hold series of meetings with various stakeholders to draft its manifestos for the next assembly polls. The party is planning to set up coffee shops, kiosk and rest rooms in parks with the help of private partners, if voted to power. “We see unhygienic food and beverages being sold in parks which also dirty the area. 

If good quality restaurants are allowed to open kiosks in these shops it would generate employment and also benefit consumers,” Upadhyay said about his vision if his part is voted to power. In a bid to woo thousands of migrant labourers, the party has also promised to set up dormitories for daily wagers in the city. “Most of the income of a labourer is spent on food and accommodation. If proper arrangement of food and lodging are made, this will also solve the problem of encroachment in the Capital”, he added.

He also favoured setting up of community kitchens for these dormitories which would also feed homeless people on nominal charges.

Regularisation of street vendors by giving them temporary licenses, development of villages, regularisation of unauthorised colonies, power, and water issues would also feature in the party manifesto for assembly polls.
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