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Declining standard of Indian sports

The standards of sports in India are not what they should be. Sportsmen have done well in the past. Many sportsmen in our lifetime have exceeded expectations. Their performance has won laurels for the country. International sportsmen are doing better than Indian. This is true for most sports besides cricket. The sport is not on decline but performance of sportsmen is not rising. The cricketers have been the pride of the country. Cricket is unpredictable and not easy to play in countries like Australia. The ball bounces in many ways on fast turf and makes batting difficult. Yet the Indian cricketers have done well here. The Australians have done well in India but have been defeated in Australia by Indians. This is the best team in the world. Defeating it is the height of success in this sport. The other sports have to these heights. The Australians now cannot match the standards of the West Indies in the past. Some of the sportsmen of the past were as good as those of now. Some were better. They did not take drugs to better their performance. Not all present sportsmen do. Some do. This is not easy to detect. The recent scandals in sports are about drugs. The old-timers did not do drugs. Their performance was authentic.

The present sportsmen may have exceeded the heights established by them. This does not mean they are better. They may be inferior. Sports is not the place for drugs. This is a reason for the decline of the performance of some sportsmen. Sportsmen in India are not competing well with those of other countries. This is not because of drugs though there are exceptions. Some of the Indian sportsmen have been taking drugs to improve their performance. They have improved their performance in a way that is not natural. They are not able to perform at the expected level but the drugs are not good for their heath. India has not done well in the past as well except in hockey. Some of the great sportsmen of the past played hockey. The other sports at that time were played by India internationally.
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