CPI(M) the most opportunist party in India, says TMC

The CPI(M) is the most “opportunist” political party of India, borne out by history when it tried to topple the Manmohan Singh government in 2008 and helped anti-Congress forces in 1989 against the Rajiv Gandhi government, the Trinamool Congress said on Sunday.

The memory is still fresh of how the Marxist party helped anti-Congress forces to topple the UPA-1 led by Manmohan Singh, TMC member in the Lok Sabha Sudip Bandopadhyay said.

“The CPI(M) is the most opportunist political party. It may forget, but the memories of the CPI(M)-led Left trying to topple the UPA-1 led by Mamnmohan Singh in 2008 to help the BJP and how the CPI(M) leaders joined hands with BJP leaders in Shahid Minar maidan in 1989 against the Rajiv Gandhi government, are still fresh,” he said.

“The TMC is trying to fool the people. They are playing a fixed match with the BJP. The BJP is saving them from the CBI in the Saradha scam and the TMC is supporting them in Parliament to pass various anti-people bills. You won't find TMC protesting against the oil price hike,” Salim said.

However, Bandopadhyay hit back at the allegations saying, “In Bengal, the CPI(M), BJP and Congress are working in tandem with each other. They should not talk much. The developmental work that Mamata Banerjee government has done itself is the proof of the work that TMC has done in the last four and a half years.”

Addressing a rally of party workers, which was also attended by state minister Shashi Panja, Bandopadhyay noted, “It is Mamamta Banerjee who had established the contact of CMO to BDO.”
He added that the development work undertaken by the TMC will help the party win more than 220 seats out of 294 in next year's Assembly election.

TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee said it was CPI(M) which destroyed industrilisation in Bengal.

“How can the party, which could not do anything when it was in power for 34 years, now suddenly say 'we will do it'?” Chatterjee wondered, alleging that if the Left Front returns to power, “democracy will be in trouble”. 



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