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Classmates rape Patna girl, circulates MMS clip

Classmates rape Patna girl, circulates MMS clip
In a horrific incident in Patna, a young girl was gangraped by her boyfriend and his classmates. And what's worse was that the heinous crime was shot on a camera and circulated on MMS.

Though the incident happened almost a month back, the police have not taken any action yet.  

The State Women Commission also stepped in only after local media reported the case, following which an FIR was finally lodged. But arrests are yet to be made in the case. A minor student was gangraped allegedly by five of her classmates, including her so-called boyfriend. The boys took turns to rape the girl and continued to shoot the act on their camera.
Shockingly, they then distributed the MMS among their peers to blackmail the victim. The MMS is now being circulated in Patna. 'We got the information and only then did the enquiry began,' said Chandramukhi Devi, member, State Women Commission.

The shocking incident occurred on June 14. The traumatised girl who managed to escape her classmate's house where the rape occurred informed her parents immediately about the incident. They kept mum and went into hiding without lodging a police complaint.

'There has been no complaint from the girl's side. The women's commission has complained and we have begun the probe,' said Manish Kumar, DSP, Patna.

However, as the girls ordeal wasn't over, a month later, the MMS came into circulation and got picked up by the local media, prompting the State Women Commission to take it up.

They asked the Patna police to institute a case. But nothing was done by the police. No inquiry was initiated on the grounds that their was no direct complainant. An FIR was finally lodged by the Bihar Women's Commission, naming all final accused. A Patna court has also issued a non-bailable warrant against the prime accused in the alleged rape case.
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