City police interrogate relatives, neighbours in triple murder case

In a bid to verify the information relating to the killing of three members of Fonseka family, police on Sunday have interrogated the relatives of the family and their neighbours. Police are facing difficulties in interrogating Neel Fonseka the lone survivor of the family as he has been undergoing treatment in the hospital with serious injuries. 

According the preliminary investigation police suspect that Fonseka could have carried out the murder of his wife and two sons following a family quarrel which turned ugly. Police came to know after interrogating Fonseka’s daughter that he had developed an extra marital relationship with a woman few months ago. This had led to a quarrel between Neel and his wife Jessica. Few days ago Neel told his wife that he was no longer continuing the relationship. But recently she came to know that her husband frequently talk to the woman over telephone and this had made Jessica furious. The incident had triggered fresh tension in the family. 

Police are yet to investigate as why Jessica along with her twin sons joined Neel in a late night party on Friday. Police are looking into the matter what prompted them to join the party when Jessica and Neel were in good terms with each other. 

The incident took place in the adjacent room were Fonseka’s elder daughter was sleeping with another woman Sabana Ansari. Police are investigating who they did not have the slightest knowledge about the incident. Fonseka’s family used to introduce Sabana as Jessica’s younger sister was closely associated with the family. Police on Sunday interrogated these two women to get to the bottom of the truth.  

Investigating officer found some important clues relating to the crime. However, police are now waiting for Fonseka to recover, who is undergoing treatment at a hospital. They are not ruling out the possibility of Fonseka’s involvement in the murder case. 

Jessia her twin teenager sons Darren (16) and Zossuah (16) were mysteriously found dead inside their house at 73/1C Palm Avenue early on Saturday morning. Fonseka, who suffered injuries on all over his body, was taken to a hospital. Police have already recovered a dumble and three knives from the house which were used in the crime.



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