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Change in power has raised expectations, says Bhagwat

“This is the right time for the country. The expectations of the world from the country are growing. We feel that the country has now started working towards making everyone capable of fulfilling these expectations,” Bhagwat told a gathering here at the inauguration of 40th convention of social service organisation Giants International.

This change in the country is happening “because there is a change in power,” he said during his 50-minute speech.

“The way people in power are working now, makes the change. But that is not enough. If you want to make the country more successful, then the entire society has to rise to the occasion. Only if that happens, the achievements of government can be fruitful,” he said.

“The society should contribute for others and the nation. Good leaders or noble political set up in the governance are useless if the society is selfish,” he said, adding, this is not the first time that such political change has happened.

“The political changes in the past were rendered useless.There was a fault from this side (society) and also the other side (government),” he said.

“The ultimate change is possible only when people see examples and imitate them. People believe in what they see,” he said.
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