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Cats out of the bag

Cats out of the bag
Why does my cat scratch me?

 Cats by nature scratch a lot. It’s natural and cannot be stopped. However, excessive scratching to the point of actually causing damage to the human should not occur. Let the cat know of your displeasure on account of its scratching by not engaging with it as soon as it scratches. Make a distinct sound and walk away from the cat and ignore it as soon as it scratches. This will make sure that the cat knows that you do not appreciate its behavior and it should thus, change it.

Why does my cat suddenly get annoyed or anxious and try to scratch or bite during playtime?
No one has understood till now why a cat seems pleased by your petting only to suddenly whirl around and bite you. They purr up to the moment they attack. It could be that they tolerate human touch only for a little while. Or that they think scratching and biting is also part of play. It could also be that a sensitive area on the body has been touched.  Release your hand at the first indication of its boredom or annoyance.
How should I play with my cat?
While playing with a cat you have to respect the cat’s boundaries and make sure it doesn’t feel threatened or annoyed. Be gentle with the cat and simulate it both mentally and physically. You can use a string and a toy to positively stimulate its hunting instincts, play with papers, even use your hand to play fight, but you shouldn’t get too rough. You can give it virtually any fun object, a small box or yarn in a ball.
Why does my male dog hump other male dogs?

Humping behavior in dogs is not sexual unless there’s a female in heat and they’re breeding. Dogs of both sexes hump other dogs as a matter of play, or even for asserting their dominance over the other dog. This is normal.
Why does my cat lick itself all the time?

Cats like to keep themselves clean and groom themselves by licking themselves and other cats. Grooming has other benefits as it is a stress buster for cats. Mother cats groom their kittens and cats in general groom each other as a social activity. This kind of grooming forms bonds among cats. A cat may also lick you as a sign of love and affection. It is a bonding activity for cats and it is recommended to groom the cat back by brushing its fur. 
Is it legal to have monkeys as pets?

No, it is absolutely illegal to keep monkeys and other primates as pets under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Such activity constitutes an offence under the act and there are strict guidelines and punishments for it as prescribed by sections 40(2), 50(1)(c), 50(3), 50(4), 50(5) and 51(1) of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. 

According to these sections, an offender can be detained or arrested on suspicion, even without an arrest warrant and the animal can be confiscated. First time offenders shall get imprisoned for up to three years or pay a fine for up to Rs 25,000 or both.
 Domestic animals, such as cows, pigs, and laboratory rats would not exist had it not been for us who brought them into existence in the first place, for our purposes. So why shouldn’t we treat them as our resources?

 Just because we force the existence of these animals by artificial insemination and forcible breeding, doesn’t mean we can treat them as we want to. We are responsible for the existence of our children but that doesn’t mean that we can treat them as resources. Do you eat your children? It is human arrogance to simply think of these animals as resources to exploit.
 Is a feral cat the same as a stray cat?

No, feral cats are not the same as stray cats. Stray cats are used to human contact and they are either lost or have been abandoned. Feral cats, on the other hand, are not used to human contact and shy away, or are fearful of humans. Stray cats may be reunited with their families or be adopted by someone else but feral cats won’t be pets.
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