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Capturing the never returning moments

Capturing the never  returning moments
Simply magic, isn’t it? Photographer Sooni Taraporevala feels the same. Her on-going exhibition titled Through a Lens, By a Mirror: The Parsis (1977 – 2013) displays 36 years of her clicking the Parsi community.

She has photographed people as they go about their daily lives, successfully narrating emotions of her subjects as they make conversation, at home or in the streets of Mumbai. Taraporevala’s photographs explore the myriad perspectives of her own family and the community. The photographs speak unabatedly  of the charming persona of the Parsis, their eloquent and warm disposition and their passion for life.

About her photographs, the artiste says, “For me, Photographs freeze time and survive death. My grandmother died, so did my grandfather and granduncle and a host of aunts and uncles. But not before I had captured them on celluloid. Their photographs still give me some measure of, perhaps, childish comfort.”

The exhibition is organised by National Gallery of Modern Art and  Ministry of Culture.

When: Till 3 November 10 am onwards
Where: National Modern Art Gallery
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