Calm, composed yet confident

Calm, composed yet confident
It is here that she announced that the Trinamool Congress will take oath on May 27 and form the new government.

“Many asked me why I am not smiling. I told them that the smiling faces of the people of Bengal represent my happiness,” said a calm, composed yet confident Mamata.

Dedicating the victory to the  people of the state she said the  winning candidates will elect their leader on Friday following which Mamata Banerjee  will meet Governor K N Tripathi and will submit the list of ministers.

Known for her secular nature, Mamata Banerjee said: “Friday is an auspicious day.  It is auspicious  for the   people of different religions including  the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and in 2011 we took oath on May 20 which was  again  a Friday. So, we will prefer to take oath on Friday, May 27.”

The Trinamool chief also said that starting from Friday till May  30, cultural celebrations would be held throughout the state and the rank holders in Madhyamik, Higher Secondary  and Madrasa examinations  would be felicitated. She urged party workers to maintain cool. It may be recalled here that the party’s 2016 slogan was: “Thanda thanda  cool cool ebar jitbe Trinamool.”

She said the priority of the state government would be to provide more social   security to the poor, students and youth and to ensure sustainable development in West Bengal. She also said that the Tatas were most welcome to come back to Singur and set up their factory on the 400 acre land. 

“There will be industries in West Bengal as it is the new industrial destination,” reiterated Mamata.
Banerjee said  the people of West Bengal had given a befitting reply to the canard spread by the Opposition and a section of media  with vested interests. “Saradha and Narada  had no impact on polling and people had rejected the groups with vested interests. 

The way the Opposition had spread canards against me and was involved in my character assassination is a very bad trend in democracy.”  

Mamata also found time to congratulate the national channels for telecasting unbiased reports. “The national media was impartial and unbiased  but some local media had telecast news with ulterior motives,” she maintained.

Banerjee said it was the biggest blunder of the CPIM to hold Congress’ hand by sacrificing its ideology. “I am not the one to comment on CPIM’s views but the leaders will have to explain this to the rank and file.”  It may be recalled that during election campaigning, Banerjee  had said that both Congress and CPIM would exist only on signboards.

In an emotional tone, The Trinamool supremo   felt sorry that on a day when the party was coming back to power with overwhelming majority her mother was not  there  by her side. 

“For three days I could not sleep and thought that my mother was beside me. I also remember some of my workers and leaders on this day  who  are no more.” 

Banerjee said the two ministers who had  lost, Manish Gupta( Power minister) and Chandrima Bhattacharya (Law minister)  and Ajay Dey, former MLA from Shantipur, would be used  by the party. 

“In Jadavpur some people had conspired to defeat Manish  Gupta,” and blamed the high-handedness of some police officers for the defeat. “There had been excesses and people had been terrorised.”
It is not that Banerjee is saying this after losing the Jadavpur seat. She had been saying this from a very long time now, right after the polling was over.

Finally, she thanked the Election Commission of India for  conducting a peaceful election.


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