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BJP for all-party meet to build consensus

Slamming Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for "not paying heed" to the opposition's suggestions for amendments to the "draconian" provisions of the state's prohibition law, senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on  Wednesday demanded an "immediate all-party meeting" to build a consensus on the issue.

"BJP has been in favour of the prohibition law right from the beginning, but it had opposed some draconian and Talibani provisions in it...Now that the state government is facing flak from the people and staring at the prospect of quashing of the liqour law by the Supreme Court, it has mooted amendment to the law," he said. 

Provisions like imprisonment of all the adult members of the family if liqour bottles are found in a household, collective fine and seizure of properties are some of the "draconian" provisions the BJP has been opposing, Modi said.
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