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Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra

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NRIs: No emotional blackmail, please!

7 Jan 2015 11:03 PM GMT
The relationship between the mother country and the great Indian diaspora has been ambivalent at best.??With 30 million and counting, Indians living...

In the kingdom of blasé!

20 Dec 2014 11:12 PM GMT
The human race (that means you) does incredibly stupid things. A friend of mine is stuck in India because his passport has expired. You nitwit,...

Not just a doll face

29 Nov 2014 10:32 PM GMT
Ever seen an eagle turf an eaglet out of the nest purely because it was of the feminine gender? Heard of a cheetah who refused to teach his daughter...

Indians en route to Gulf for cricket

25 March 2014 10:53 PM GMT
Indians are coming after a 14 year hiatus and they will once again play a sort of ‘international’ cricket tournament in the UAE. This hosting of a...

Okay, just letting off steam

21 March 2014 11:32 PM GMT
No one gives a whistle in the wind, Preet, get over it. Move on, find another diplomat. But hey just a sec, now we are told her kids have American...

Missing: Custodians of our nation

20 March 2014 11:39 PM GMT
A friend of mine has sent me a one liner. India’s choices for the elections are between a bluffer, a duffer and a muffler. It isn’t very funny, but...

Modi is the flavour, rest is semantics

13 Dec 2013 11:34 PM GMT
You cannot paint over it. The Congress was decimated by the BJP which is led by the controversial but increasingly high profile Narendra Modi, like...

Invictus down but the legacy lives on

7 Dec 2013 12:18 AM GMT
I had the privilege of meeting Nelson Mandela in an elevator in Cape Town when the Khaleej Times sent me to South Africa to track the changeover from...

The Indo-Pak feel good Google gag

20 Nov 2013 10:53 PM GMT
The Google ad on India and Pakistan displaying heaps of love. It is very cleverl made ad. It takes us on what is now irrelevant and wrings false...

On heels and unbalanced!

14 Nov 2013 10:10 PM GMT
With the now stale as a biscuit promise of happier days to come being the sole outcome of this tryst no one on either side of the better sleeps...

Statues and sheer stupidity

6 Nov 2013 11:18 PM GMT
What is this thing Indian politician having about statues; they are constantly setting up folks on pedestals.What exactly is this huge statue going...

Too sweet the Sachin spot

1 Nov 2013 8:28 PM GMT
The venue, the hype, the 200th Test record, the suitably arranged home ground choice, the return of the tired Windies – all of it is a bit unfair and...
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