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Bhutanese national held for smuggling animal body parts

A Bhutanese national was arrested on late Thursday night from Belakobra in Jalpaiguri on charges of running an international racket of smuggling animal skins and body parts.

Sanjay Dutta, Ranger of Belakobra Range, said that they had approached the woman posing as a prospective customer interested in buying horn of rhinoceros. She had asked the police (considering them as prospective buyers) to go somewhere on National Highway 31.

The accused, Prema Chhoki Lama, had shown the policemen in plain clothes an elephant tooth which weighs around 1 kg. She had demanded a few thousands of rupees for the same. The police continued talking to her posing as a buyer and told her that they were keenly interested in buying horns of a rhinoceros. So she had called her associate Narayan Kami, who was hiding inside the road side jungle. Kami came out and started a bargain to fix the price they would take to deliver rhino’s horn.

The policemen agreed to pay him the amount he had asked for and urged him to deliver it then and there. Kami went inside the jungle to bring the horn. But, he had somehow realised that he and Prema has been trapped. So instead of caring for Prema he fled from the place. Police later seized the tooth of the elephant and Rs 45 lakh cash from Prema.
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