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Bawana waits for missing residents

With each passing day concern over those missing in Uttarakhad is mounting. The concern for the people of the family who went to Kedar Nath has been increased. Forty people from two different family from Bawana, Katewara had gone for a Kedar Nath and Char Dham Yatra.
While 15 of them have returned home, the others are missing. Naresh, one of the pilgrims, in a group of 22 people is one of those who is missing.
He had last spoken to his wife on 16 June. Now Sunita, Naresh’s wife is eagerly waiting for news of her husband.  

The last time he had contacted his family, Naresh had said he was in Ramvada. ‘He had said that there all that he could see was water and destruction,’ recalls his wife.
Since then, Naresh’s family has been unable to contact him. Now the family is seeking help from the government to find him.
Of the other group of 17 pilgrims visiting Uttarakhand from Bawana, Katewara, 14 have managed to return home.

‘When it started raining, we were very scared. There was no help anywhere. We walked for almost 30 kilometers without food and water. Finally, we found a few army men who gave us food and helped us in every possible way. But three of us were lost in the way,’ says one among the group.

Those who have returned, have no clue about the whereabouts or condition of those who were lost in the way.
There are hundreds like them, in the capital, praying for the safety of their loved ones.
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