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‘Artistes needs to experiment’

‘Artistes needs to  experiment’
‘I don’t like repetitions in my work, I like to think more about bringing new concepts in making an art piece rather than thinking how it will benefit me commercially.’

Dutt is exhibiting his work since year 1986 after completing his degree in fine arts. In his recent exhibition Art Sutra one will find a number of art works like figurative paintings, engraving work on metal, use of rust and colour on old musical instruments like harmonium, sitar and more.

His favourite medium are charcoal and acrylic colours.  ‘I like to finish my work at one go. Usually I finish my paintings in a sitting, for the my recent work on musical instruments and metal it took me more time to finish a piece due to the technicalities.’

Artiste do not believe in pre deciding what to make but to rely on his instincts. ‘I act on the flow of thoughts when I start making a painting, I believe making dummies do not justify the freedom art.’ Dutt believes in freedom – freedom from mediocre painting methods, mediums used and same themes. He likes to portray something new on canvas every time.  ‘I believe artistes needs to experiment, to push their own limits. When a spectator looks at the painting he/she should be amazed by the work.’

Figurative paintings are Dutt’s passion but adding something new each time is his main aim while making one. Making a painting is like a journey for him and the final destination is the image on the canvas, ‘Once I sit to work I follow my instincts from the first line till I am satisfied with it.’

The zeal of making something new for people and discarding the regular ways of working is something that gained artistes work critical acclaim and respect by connoisseurs of art.
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