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Anjan Roy

Anjan Roy

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GDP's many facets of truth

3 Dec 2018 2:03 PM GMT
The changing base of comparing GDP figures has been unnecessarily controversial – instead of nit-picking, financial advisors must focus on the economy’s pace

Resolving the dissension

20 Nov 2018 4:42 PM GMT
Rift between the Central bank and the Union government saturated, rendering hollow Dr. Acharya’s bold speculations regarding the consequences

The wars we fought

12 Nov 2018 4:52 PM GMT
As Europe observed the centenary of Armistice Day, there was no acknowledgement of the hapless Indian soldiers

Cut and thrust of democracy

30 Oct 2018 3:55 PM GMT
Conflicts between central banks and ruling governments aren’t new – they must be overcome with critically-driven policies

India's own Lehman moment

3 Oct 2018 3:46 PM GMT
IL&FS had to be rescued by the Union government in liquidity crisis

A timely message to Maghreb

28 Sep 2018 4:08 PM GMT
It is time that India seizes the tenuous Moroccan foothold to expand its presence in the north African region

Sun should run the earth!

23 Sep 2018 3:38 PM GMT
India must exploit its potential to become a solar giant

Since the 2008 meltdown

13 Sep 2018 3:26 PM GMT
Indian banks are struggling to deal with huge bad debts a decade after the collapse of Lehman Brothers

The masterclass of politics

17 Aug 2018 4:48 PM GMT
Media will remember Vajpayee as a great Parliamentarian

A charter for Independence Day

13 Aug 2018 4:48 PM GMT
There is a slew of amiss things to set right for ‘Ease of Living’ in India

Treading with caution

2 Aug 2018 4:50 PM GMT
The repo rate hike was unanticipated, particularly at a time of growing global trade uncertainty

A century of classical diplomacy

27 July 2018 5:55 PM GMT
The way Jean Clude Juncker could mould Trump demonstrated classic diplomatic finesse of the Europeans, compared with the romping Americans
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