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Anjan Roy

Anjan Roy

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A prudent withdrawal

5 Nov 2019 4:39 PM GMT
Prime Minister’s decision to not join the mega trade conglomerate reflects the wiser choice to protect domestic interests against ceaseless competition

Pessimistic outlook

16 Oct 2019 4:53 PM GMT
With agencies successively downgrading India’s potential growth rates, the country’s economic slowdown is turning into a real crisis

Growing the economy

2 Sep 2019 3:27 PM GMT
Declining growth calls for fostering a strong and stable financial system as bank mergers may cause undesirable disruptions, further aggravating the situation

US, Iran, and oil prices

24 July 2019 6:28 PM GMT
The complicated global security and geopolitical issues are bound to influence oil prices which would consequently go northwards

Hiccups from the outset

2 Jun 2019 2:38 PM GMT
From restructuring PSBs to rehabilitating NBFCs, tough tasks lie ahead of FM Nirmala Sitharaman as she tries to restore the economy’s lost pace

Catalyst for the clean sweep

24 May 2019 4:45 PM GMT
Capitalising on the rising spirit of a new conservatism, Modi wave swept India again

Of economic priorities

1 May 2019 4:48 PM GMT
Immediate action plan is required by the new government to address the country’s stark inadequacies – unemployment, farm distress, and massive NPAs

Moving towards prosperity

16 April 2019 4:31 PM GMT
With progress and wider avenues in UP’s sugar belt, an economic base is emerging making a larger share of the family budget for education of children

Elementary facts, complex picture

9 April 2019 3:26 PM GMT
A journey through the dusty roads of Uttar Pradesh : Religions, castes, benefits, and aspirations in the fray trump psephology

Farmers bear the brunt

14 Feb 2019 3:25 PM GMT
Rural economy takes a hit with lack of marketing and falling food prices

Premature exuberance

6 Feb 2019 5:01 PM GMT
Bad debts situation is still too serious to be ignored

Booster for the economy?

1 Feb 2019 3:00 PM GMT
The combined impact of the concessions will be substantial
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