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Anirban Ganguly

Anirban Ganguly

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CAB: A historic commitment

9 Dec 2019 4:46 PM GMT
Bangladesh’s historic mistreatment of the Hindu minority shows why India should be a natural home for persecuted Hindus in Muslim majority nations

The congressional rigmarole

15 Nov 2019 2:19 PM GMT
The US congressional hearings on Kashmir are unhelpful and provide divisive figures with a stage to distort narrative vis-à-vis Kashmir post the revision of Article 370

Going strong

3 Nov 2019 4:26 PM GMT
Outcomes of regional elections post 370 have reaffirmed how BJP’s narrative of nationalism and national unity holds the popular vote

Impressions of Korea

28 Oct 2019 3:29 PM GMT
Evolving over time, the civilisational connect between South Korea and India serves as the bedrock for a more robust bilateral relationship enriched with greater opportunities and engagements

Rise of civilisational states

22 Oct 2019 5:06 PM GMT
The informal nature of the Mamallapuram summit has allowed Modi and Xi to form connections on shared culture as civilisational states

An awakened Bharat?

10 Oct 2019 2:46 PM GMT
Abrogation of 370 demonstrated the nation’s readiness for a change in thought process

Striving with undiminishing consistency

25 Sep 2019 3:32 PM GMT
Kashmir’s integration into the Union of India has been a longstanding demand, perseverance for which is necessarily credited to Deendayal Upadhyaya and his political disciples

Driver of the new world

23 Sep 2019 4:32 PM GMT
Different dimensions emanated from Houston’s Howdy Modi event, collectively affirming India’s role as a responsible global power in shaping the new world order

The great bond of union

5 Sep 2019 4:26 PM GMT
Third edition of Samvad will serve as a global platform to shape and influence the emerging neo-world order

Elites and their fakery

1 Sep 2019 5:15 PM GMT
The global influence exercised by the elites has failed to reflect the realities of society

One nation in thought, speech & action

18 Aug 2019 2:49 PM GMT
Scrapping Article 370 was envisioned to bring greater opportunities for people of J&K

Liberating the Kashmir narrative

6 Aug 2019 3:19 PM GMT
Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have now brought compelling closure to SP Mookerjee’s long-drawn fight for a comprehensive Kashmir resolution
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