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Aiyar says Modi can sell tea at AICC meet

When asked about Narendra Modi, Aiyar, who was at the Congress conclave in the national capital, said: ‘There is no way he can be prime minister in the 21st century. But if he wants to come and distribute tea here (at the Congress meet) we can make some room for him.’ Aiyar later said he was simply reiterating what the BJP highlights about Modi as ‘his main qualification’.

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and an ally of the Congress, Omar Abdullah, said Aiyar has gone too far. ‘Modi has a lot of negatives but his humble origins are a positive some of us can’t claim. We aren’t helping our campaign by mocking him,’ wrote Abdullah on twitter.

Aiyar refuted charges that his comment reflects arrogance or that it mocks the humble origins of Modi, who in campaign speeches has emphasised that his family was not rich and that he sold tea on trains. ‘Who has made this personal? Doesn’t the BJP call my leader (Rahul) a prince (shahzaada)? Is that not personal?’ asked Aiyar.

BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar described Aiyar as an ‘icon of cheap thinking’. ‘His remarks show the depression within the Congress regarding the forthcoming elections. They know they are going to lose. All we can say is ‘get well soon’,’ said Javadekar.
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