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Aditya Aamir

Aditya Aamir

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Wayanad is no cakewalk

4 April 2019 3:32 PM GMT
Rahul Gandhi will stand answerable to distressed farmers and adivasis, explains Aditya Aamir

Let it be Dalit!

5 Sep 2018 4:33 PM GMT
The term 'Dalit' sums up perfectly a one-size-fits-all garb, neither cotton nor silk but chain mail

LoC now cuts through Lak Chowk

2 Sep 2018 4:16 PM GMT
It is terrorists not militants who go after families

Captain without skipper's cap

26 July 2018 2:36 PM GMT
Imran Khan, set to assume power in Pakistan, is merely another puppet playing to the notorious Army’s tunes .

Nipah turns Kozhikode upside down

7 Jun 2018 4:05 PM GMT
Aditya Aamir writes about the frantic moves to deal with ‘second outbreak’ of Nipah virus

The killing machine

22 May 2018 4:46 PM GMT
Originating from fruit-bats, Nipah has spread scare in Kerala as the lack of vaccine makes it difficult to contain the virus, elaborates Aditya Aamir

Swimming against the tide

5 April 2018 3:04 PM GMT
Tough the superstar has finally been convicted, history hints that he should soon be out on bail, relishing his freedom, argues Aditya Aamir.

Megaphone from across the border

26 Feb 2018 3:57 PM GMT
Aditya Aamir elaborates how inaction has curdled the Kashmir issue

Where the scum of the earth live

1 Feb 2018 4:31 PM GMT
Indians and Pakistanis cannot separate themselves when it comes to crimes against minor girls. The story there is the story here, writes Aditya Aamir.

Evaluating freedom

23 Jan 2018 3:52 PM GMT
India manages a good ranking in the Freedom Report that says most countries are ‘less free’, informs Aditya Aamir

Prejudiced populace

15 Jan 2018 3:29 PM GMT
Not much has changed on India’s societal plane. We continue to be biased, particularly against Dalits and women, elaborates Aditya Aamir.

Putting Pak on notice

10 Jan 2018 4:45 PM GMT
Trump does to Pakistan what Modi did, writes Aditya Aamir.
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