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Adieu 2014, let sanity prevail in 2015

This year has seen the emergence of a Prime Minister who enjoys a comfortable majority. Not weighed down by the compulsions of appeasing coalition partners, PM Modi has greater leeway to ring in the changes. He, however, faces the onerous task of reining in religious zealots hellbent on spreading disharmony.

For a cricket obsessed nation the sudden exit of skipper M S. Dhoni created quite a flutter. The death of Aussie opener Phil Hughes in a freak accident sent shock waves in the cricketing fraternity.
The emergence of the Indian Football League was a step in the right direction.

The Uber cab rape was a rude reminder that women continue to be unsafe. Two years after the Nirbhaya episode left a nation numb, few lessons have been learnt.

The watershed elections in J&K may have thrown up a fractured mandate, but the record turnout proved that our people will not be intimidated by subversive elements.

Our brave soldiers showed their mettle yet again in the relief and rescue operations post the J&K floods, the tales of hope and courage in the face of adversity strengthen our resolve to stay united and strong.

As the nation grapples with growing intolerance, heroes and good samaritans work tirelessly make a difference in the lives of people in small towns and villages. Let the voices of sanity prevail, let the dark clouds of self doubt be banished in 2015. Stay safe, stay happy and count your blessings.
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