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A wee too cute

The good thing about Brave, a once-upon-a-time tale, is that it ends without an ‘and they lived happily married ever after’. For a change, the team has spun quite a credible yarn on mother-daughter relationship.  But, of course, that is where being different ends. The treatment is pure Hollywood: all’s well that ends well. But served with a liberal dose of Scottish flavour. It is also good to hear English spoken in something other than the nasal American drawl.

Merida, the princess in this story, is spunky. Her abundant flaming red curls stand testimony to this. She is not going to do the needful and marry the one her parents point out. She takes the matter in her own hands – the ace archer beats all her suitors in the competition for her hand – and earns her mother’s wrath. When she couldn’t convince her mother about wanting to ‘follow her heart’, Merida resorts to black magic and turns her mother – unintentionally – into a bear. What follows is Hollywood-style melodramatic re-bonding of mother and daughter. The support characters, thrown in for some laughs, do their job, drawing a lot on stereotypical portrayal of races. The triplet princes – little brothers of Merida – were cute. They resemble the famous German cartoon characters – Max and Moritz, created by German caricaturist Wilhelm Busch – a lot.

As usual, Pixar’s done a great job, when it comes to animation. Apparently, Pixar rewrote their animation system for the first time in 25 years to add more complexity to the animation. But honestly, 3D didn’t really make that great a difference.
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