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A mix of minds

A mix of minds
Bolgum Nagesh Goud explores figurative, abstract and semi abstract studies of ancient stories using different mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, paper collages, pencil, metallic inks, oil pastels among others.

Artist Vaikuntam's paintings bring a calmness of spirit and tranquillity to all those who see them. He avoids an obviously disturbing form but instead has repeated the pictorial motifs extensively.

Artist Gorjala works with a delicate and intricate technique, portraying his spiritual take on the subjects of Indian mythology through both his imagery and his process. His use of a palette dominated by gold, red and green creates a very rich and natural feel in each of his paintings, and the moods that he is able to create. His subjects, mainly the gods, goddesses and mythical forms, include Hanuman, Vishnu and Buddha, and are all painted with great sensitivity and attention to detail.

Laxman’s paintings are nostalgic, his source of inspiration has been the life in his village.  Sachin Jaltare’s oils on canvas have portraits of beautiful, delicately sensuous girls. Manash Jena portrays a women’s era which is rich both in details and colours. Quite a eclectic mix. Head over!

When: January 22nd
Where: Pearl Art Gallery
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