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Has the son of India’s richest man killed two persons?
17 December 2013, New Delhi, M Post Bureau
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Has the son of India’s richest man killed two persons?
17 December 2013, New Delhi, M Post Bureau

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There is a growing feeling in Mumbai that the Aston Martin Rapide was driven by Akash Ambani, the son of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani. Yet, evidences are still ‘unavailable’. People who are in charge of the investigation are reluctant to do their duties. We want to know the whole truth. Will it ever get out? Will it be allowed to get out?
Even though the social media is talking openly about who was behind the wheels in the accident on Mumbai’s Peddar Road involving a Reliance-registered luxury sports car, an Aston Martin Rapide (MH-01-BK99) worth Rs 4 crore, and two other cars (an Audi and a Hyundai Elantra), it seems the Mumbai police is trying its best to protect the identity of the real culprit. Despite a palpable gag on mainstream Indian media, a number of Mumbai-based newspapers, including the tabloid Mumbai Mirror, have already pointed out that it was Akash Ambani, son of the richest industrialist in the country, Mukesh Ambani, who was on the driver’s seat when the accident, took place at 1:30 am in the early hours of 8 December.

Unsubstantiated reports on social media immediately after the Peddar Road incident had hinted at two people losing their lives in the Aston Martin hit-and-run case, but these links and posts were either removed from the websites or led to dead links soon after the news spread, albeit in trickles. Millennium Post also tried contacting senior officers in Mumbai police, but the efforts of our reporters were met with an eerie silence on the other side, with most of the telephone calls remaining unanswered.    

Reliance has stated that the car was being driven by a chauffeur and was headed for a ‘ritual maintenance’, but questions have been raised why was it being driven in the opposite direction and that too at 1:30 am on a Sunday. In fact, on Monday, Bansilal Joshi, the 55-year-old chauffeur who works for the Ambanis, ‘surrendered’ before the Gamdevi police, claiming he was driving the Aston Martin at the time of the accident.

Two sets of fingerprints have been discovered by forensic experts from the speeding car, and although, the finding of two sets of fingerprints does not directly contradict Joshi’s assertion, the cops are yet to take a stand. But news channels such as Zee 24 Taas claim a ‘fully drunk’ Akash Ambani was at the wheels in the car when the accident took place. Moreover, signals from the mobile tower point out that Bansilal Joshi was not present at the time of the accident.

Millennium Post contacted Himanshu Roy, joint commissioner of police, Mumbai crime branch, who said that the matter ‘did not belong to crime branch, but was under jurisdiction of the local (Gamdevi) police station’.

According to Mumbai Mirror, a show-cause notice has been issued against the cop investigating the matter, Assistant Inspector R Pawar, who reports at Gamdevi police branch. [http://bit.ly/1e4XL8p]

No arrests have been made even after nine days of the incident, although eyewitnesses of the horrific road mishap claim that a young man, whose description bears a strong resemblance with Akash Ambani, was seen on the driver’s seat, who, they add, later fled in one of two the tailing SUVs that were reportedly following the car for security purposes. The car was last seen at a bash organised by Mukesh Ambani in honour of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, at which Akash Ambani was also present.

Only recently, Mukesh Ambani was picked as one among the 25 ‘Greatest Living Legends’ in India by NDTV on the occasion of its 25 years in service. How is it that NDTV Limited - a commercial entity, a listed company in Bombay Stock Exchange - holds a function at Rashtrapati Bhavan?

Would the presidential house be available to others for such private, invitation-only functions in future? Or was it that Rashtrapati Bhavan made an exception and obliged NDTV because of President Pranab Mukherjee’s long-standing association with the Ambani family?

Mukesh Ambani owns most of the leading news channels of the country and influences, if not downright controls, what they should be and should not be covering.

Why is the media silent on this matter, which has not invited a single biting comment from either the Congress or the BJP, with the sole exception of a tweet by J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah? Will Arnab Goswami speak up now because the nation really needs to know. 

[For more on this, visit http://bit.ly/1eikMVm and watch this TV9 Maharashtra report at http://bit.ly/1bK6vsL]

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santosh, Delhi
26 February 2016, 07:45:57 AM » Like(2) | Dislike(0)
why hot... when Munajal and party has forgery FIRs registered against them and police do not even visit their BACKYARD for investigation... this is possible... Even the PF has smelled a bad rat... about 4 crores and fifty lakhs have been embezzled by Munjal and his contractor and PF has sent notice for recovery.. but again who will bell the cat?

Arun Guha, London
23 June 2015, 08:31:23 PM » Like(21) | Dislike(5)
The fat boy has been rescued by Daddy! But it amazes me how gutless the Indian press can be over news that otherwise would have had major headlines for weeks. Money buys everything!!

Amblore, Bangalore
24 May 2015, 10:06:03 PM » Like(5) | Dislike(1)
Speaking of Arnab Goswami, he is like a pig feeding off crap, the crap being the resentment most of somewhat educated middle class of India has against the political class. look at his low intellect discussions where he increases his mic volume over others and doesn't even let them speak....how come these people get away with all the paid journalism, well some folks are getting their kickback because these journalists can be so irresponsible...

Amblore, Bangalore
24 May 2015, 10:00:20 PM » Like(7) | Dislike(4)
We Indians, since independence have not learnt the real importance of justice and equality. We are ok with this so long as OUR own near and dear ones are safe. when something happens, that day we will realize. till then, good luck...

GopalB, Mumbai
17 May 2015, 09:29:05 AM » Like(5) | Dislike(3)
money can buy anything er anyone in India provided one is willing to pay the price.

Amit Sharma, New Delhi
8 May 2015, 01:27:58 PM » Like(6) | Dislike(3)
One more thing. The car in question is a Rs 4 crore beauty!! Not everybody would have had access to it. Apart from the direct family only ONE of the MOST trusted drivers would have been in-charge of it. Moreover, I am not aware of any workshops open at 1:30 AM, at least not in Delhi, may be Aston Martin India is providing some kind of "extra" services at that point of time!! Ridiculous!!

Vikram Bhat, New Delhi
6 May 2015, 11:51:04 AM » Like(14) | Dislike(7)
This incident has been erased from public memory. Concerned citizens should keep it alive in the social media.

Subodh Sharma, New Delhi
6 November 2014, 10:05:29 PM » Like(43) | Dislike(7)
Puppets like Arnab Goswamy are controlled by the strings in the hands of ruling class ,they are no lions . They are only paper tigers.

anil bharal, Guwahati, Assam
2 November 2014, 11:01:56 PM » Like(4) | Dislike(2)
We believed that Mr Arnab Goswami is an assamese Lion in electronic media but unfortunately he has come out to be an otherwise in Akash Ambani's case !!

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