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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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NAMO Pepper Spray: Self defence at a lower cost



NAMO Pepper Spray: Self defence at a lower cost

16 December 2013, New Delhi, Chayanika Nigam

In order to protect women from the dangers they face on the streets, Modi Fying India, a group that supports BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, is going to launch a low-cost pepper spray on Monday, in honour of the 16 December gang rape victim.

‘NaMo Power’ spray, which costs Rs 195 for 35 gms, is a self defense tool for women. Usually the price of a pepper spray ranges from Rs 400 to Rs 500, which is not affordable for most women. As a result, the group has decided to reduce the price of its product, without any objective of earning a profit.

The ‘NaMo Power’ spray contains natural chili concentrate (Oleoresin Capsaicin) that is about 20 times stronger than the chili used in kitchen. It attains a range of about 5-7 feet, once sprayed. It instantly swells up the mucus membrane and irritates eyes of the attacker, preventing him from running away or calling for help.

The effect remains for a minimum  of 30-45 minutes. It also works on drunk or mentally unstable people.

Tajender Singh Bagga, convener of the Modi Fying India said, ‘After 16 December gang rape, the group had given free self-defense classes in various colleges and schools. From those sessions, few girls shared their views on the high cost of pepper sprays available in the market.’

‘We took their problem seriously and thought of contacting the main company that manufactures these pepper sprays abroad. After shipping charges we have had to spend Rs 195 on each bottle. As a result, we have decided to sell them at the very same rate,’ Bagga added.

The spray will be available at all Delhi Metro stations. ‘You need to order the spray and tell our customer care executive on 9818737573 about the nearest Metro station from where you can collect your delivery. Your product will be delivered free of cost within 24 hours of placing the order.

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