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Art for heart’s sake
23 September 2013, New Delhi, Shrishty Mishra
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Art for heart’s sake
23 September 2013, New Delhi, Shrishty Mishra

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Vibrant colours, landscapes, abstract works and pieces influenced by nature are a few things curator Karuna Singh looks for in artworks she puts together
A silent symphony of colours, the on-going exhibition by curator Karuna Singh is a collection of landscapes and nature inspired works. Paintings by Vivan Narayan and curated by Singh are on display at the India International Centre. Colours in each paintings are bound to lift the viewer’s mood. 'This exhibition is to promote and provide a platform to new artists from across the country,' said Karuna Singh.

Singh has a passion for finding and displaying work by new talents in art. She has curated exhibitions in Spain and Italy in the past and last year came up with a coffee table book titled- The Calls of Mystic Mountains. 'Art is passion for me, something that gives me satisfaction and a hobby that I pursue,' said Singh. 

Bright vibrant colours, landscapes, abstract art work and pieces influenced by the beauty of nature are a few things she looks for in paintings. Coloured by romanticism and beauty, one will find in her collection, pictures and paintings of several romantic places like Paris and Venice. 'Anything that encapsulates beauty and nature together appeals to me. It can be a simple things of life like rains, roses, bright windows,' she adds.

Brought up in Himachal Pradesh, Singh travels a lot for her work and describes her life as nomadic.  'I have to travel a lot for my work, it’s a gypsy life. I love the enriching experience on a whole, knowing cultures and art forms is very enriching and a great learning experience,' adds Singh. 
Donning many hats, Singh is an art curator, traveller,  textile designer and an artist herself. She describes her own art work as more influenced by Italian landscapes. Her creations are usually self portraits, scenic artworks with a hint of modern and abstract art forms. 'I am a moody person, my single work can take from 6 months to a year to complete. Usually my paintings are of vibrant and happy mood,' she said. 

She believes that one should not pursue art as a job, one should have the passion to create new art forms to leave an impression on those who view the work. Talking about her work as a curator she said, ‘I like to know that an artist is determined, patient and precise with his or her work. Being focused on your work is very important.’

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