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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Into the realm of augmented reality



Into the realm of augmented reality

10 July 2013, New Delhi, Aman Baweja

How virtual reality will define our future!

Unless you are a technology devotee or a hardcore computer gamer, Augmented Reality might not be on your checklist. But, some of you must have heard of Google glasses and if just missed, I don’t blame you because reality TV has more reality than we can handle and believe me AR is nothing like reality TV.

Moreover this new technology which attempts to connect our senses to the virtual reality, can answer many of the current limitations which people are trying to solve. This new innovation has so many possibilities to improve our life that, you cannot reject it without knowing it or calling it just hype.

Imagine viewing the world with augmented reality. While you are in the market or visiting any new place, you take out your mobile phone and simply scan through what you can see and a plethora of information of that view pops on to your mobile phone screen. Using  your phone’s camera while looking at a movie poster, will show you trailors and the timings for the next show and you can book tickets for that show right there, all while you are standing.

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