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Let others bare, I am a desi girl: Sonakshi
12 May 2012, New Delhi, Promita Mukherjee
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Let others bare, I am a desi girl: Sonakshi
12 May 2012, New Delhi, Promita Mukherjee

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Nobody asks others why they are always in Western outfits, cribs Sonakshi Sinha.
Sonakshi Sinha loves Delhi. It is so clean, she gushes. ‘But I come here for very short durations so even though my dad has a house here (in Talkatora Road) I haven’t really managed to stay here,’ she quips.

The Sinha girl is gearing up for her second release, Rowdy Rathore, almost two years after her first film Dabangg released. In Rowdy Rathore, she is paired opposite Akshay Kumar. Sonakshi has a host of releases lined up over the next one year. After Rowdy Rathore, there is Shirish Kunder’s Joker, again with Akshay, Lootera, Dabangg 2, and then there is Once Upon a Time Again (a sequel to the hugely successful Once Upon a Time in Mumbai) where she plays the role of Mandakini, who allegedly became Dawood Ibrahim’s mole.

Her look in Rowdy Rathore and most other movies is similar to that in Dabangg. Is she getting typecast? ‘I am a desi girl,’ says Sonakshi. ‘Even though the characters have an Indian mould, they are essentially very different,’ she adds. ‘Nobody asks the other girls the same question even though they are always in Western outfits,’ she cribs. ‘I am a casuals person, I don’t believe in too much taamjhaam,’ she says of her personal style statement.

Coming from the Sinha family, Sonakshi admits she has certain restrictions. Are there deadlines to come back home on time? ‘Yes but luckily for my parents I am not fond of partying,’ she says, laughing. But is that a setback to work, especially at a time when everyone is willing to dare and bare? ‘It hasn’t been so far. I am not thinking so much ahead in the future,’ she says. ‘I have left the choice to filmmakers. There are lots others willing to dare and bare. There is no dearth of work, the biggest films are coming to me,’ she hastens to add.

Did she have any reservations about playing the role of Mandakini? ‘It is a good script. I am an actor, I should be comfortable,’ she says.

In Rowdy Rathore, Sonakshi plays Paro. ‘She is Patna ki phooljhari, out-spoken and sharif. But she falls in love with a rowdy man. It is a fun role,’ she says.

And how was the experience of working with Akshay? ‘He is a laugh riot on the sets,’ says Sonakshi, who is quite eager to work with Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir khan. ‘I have good relations with everyone,’ she quips.

Prabhudeva (the director of Rowdy Rathore), she says, is a ‘livewire’. ‘He knows what he wants out of his actors,’ says Sonakshi, who was in the capital on Thursday to attend the Asia Spa awards.  

The actor says she hasn’t had it easy just because she comes from a filmy family. Just a few days back, her broad forehead was the subject of much ridicule on microblogging site Twitter.

‘I get bashed up by the media almost everyday, but yes, maybe the struggle to become an actor was much less,’ she admits.

Sonakshi doesn’t believe in future planning. ‘I was studying fashion and I became an actor. Destiny has it all planned out,’ she signs off.

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